Solutions provided by DruckChemie not only convey the perfect appearance to your prints, but they can enhance your productivity as well as reducing downtime.



Cleaning and care products for impression rollers.

Cleaning agents for cleaning dampening rollers.

Characterised by their heavy duty cleansing power and short drying intervals.

Roller cleaning paste that facilitates a rapid exchange of ink. Cleans ink rollers quickly and deep into the pores, has a gentle effect and enhances the ink receptivity of the ink application rollers.

Gel for removing stubborn lime residue on the ink rollers.

Prevents damage to the non-ink bearing impression rollers in newspaper and offset presses.



For the removal of any ink residues or incrustations on scrapers, impression cylinders, ink fountains and machine components.

DruckChemie solvents thoroughly clean rollers and rubber blankets. They dissolve dried inks, remove grease from metallic surfaces and are available in all evaporation and flash point ranges.


For cleaning dispersion varnishing mechanisms on all machine types. Special cleaners are water-based; the surfactants contained therein comply with the Detergents Ordinance.

Antihaut flussig/Spray

Prevents skin formation and the drying of printing ink in containers and ink fountains or on impression rollers.


Prevents the adherence of ink to impression cylinders and improves the sliding properties on cutting tables and in folding units.

Farbfrisch flussig/Spray:

DC DruckChemie ink duct foils promote the even transfer of ink in the ink fountain and thereby improve the cost effectiveness of the printing machine. The particularly high degree of form stability on the edges of the ink duct foil allows simple insertion and ensures a rapid restoration of the printing process.


DC Gum

Wash-out gumming, washing and gumming of plates in a single operation.

DC PlateCleaner

Plate cleaner for cleaning positively coated printing plates from all manufacturers


Hand Gel

Cleaning paste for daily use. Solvent-free, removes moderate to heavy industrial contaminations

Hand Washing Paste

Hand protection and hand care cream

Nitril Gloves

Disposable gloves


Wash cloths must deliver optimum cleaning results,while keeping washing agent consumption as
low as possible. DruckChemie dry wash cloths are designed to minimise downtime in order to
deliver significant cost and environmental benefits.Moreover, a complete range of pre-impregnated
wash cloths are also available.

Wash cloths for automatic washing equipment:

Print cloths for manual cleaning

DruckChemie offers a wide range of different cleaning cloths for daily print shop use.