Fount Solutions

DruckChemie provides ideal fount solutions for each machine type and corresponding dampening system, ensuing compliance with quality standards whilst minimising paper waste related outages. Our fount solutions are certified in respect to their corrosion properties and are available in all conventional quantities – from 10 kg canisters and 220 kg to 1000 kg IBC containers.

We offer a constant pH value within the fount solution circulation with the following benefits:-

  • No negative build-up of ink on the non-printing sections of the offset blanket
  • No corrosion on the plates, offset blanket or printing cylinders
  • No dot gain (tonal value increase)
  • Optimal start-up of the plates

Our dampening additive concentrates for sheet-fed offset can be used for all substrates and, even with an extremely low dosing (2 to 3%), they prevent roller glazing and ink stripping, thereby guaranteeing optimal plate protection. An over emulsifying of the ink is prevented and a stable ink-water balance is produced so that a problem-free print run is possible.

Due to continual changes in inks or ink formulations, a release of fillers, such as chalk from the ink or kaolin from the paper, often takes place. This results in washouts and deposits in the dampening water system and on the rollers. Our specially developed heatset fount solutions prevent the occurrence of these print process-hindering and time consuming effects.

All NP series fount solutions are characterised by their high buffer capacities as well as stable pH values in ranges conductive to printing and, moreover, ensure optimal surface tension, fast start ups and, thereby, reduced paper waste. Fount solutions in the NP series permit a slight water passage and prevent an over emulsifying of the ink. Various Fogra corrosion approvals vouch for the outstanding corrosion protection properties of our dampening additive concentrates, which are available for all dampening system types.