In that commercial web presses are becoming much faster, the quality demanded by printers and print shop customers must be maintained through use of the correct type of silicone. DC DruckChemie silicones ensure this level of quality, on the one hand, by protecting the substrate following the drying stage and, on the other, makes it re-wettable to facilitate processing in the subsequent folding step and to prevent varnish cracking at the folds.

DC Druck-Chemie silicone emulsions are characterised by a uniform particle size and ensure outstanding stability, low viscosity and good wetting properties. A greatly improved transfer of silicone is made possible by the smooth and continuous film produced across the application roller.

The SurfSpeed series is characterised by very good gliding properties as well as by a very high resistance to abrasion. Furthermore, the use of SurfSpeed will prevent smearing as well as the depositing of paper and ink particles on the fold formers, deflection rollers and turning bars. Additionally, our products facilitate further processing, such as folding, cutting or stapling.

The SurfSpeed series from the DC DruckChemie GmbH is economical in use, making it possible for printers to offer outstanding print services while realising longer service lives and greater added value.


A fold enhancement concentrate for softening or rewetting the paper in the fold areas, facilitating optimal fold results.