Anti Set Off Powder

Our anti-set-off powders are characterised by uniform particle sizes and their uniform spacing over the substrate. These properties ensure that there will be no setting off or combining of printed matter on the delivery stack – making it possible to coat, laminate or varnish the sheets without a problem.

DC DruckChemie Anti-set-off powders are economical in use, demonstrate perfect flow characteristics and ensure an even distribution across the substrate due to good particle sorting properties. In addition, they are perfectly absorbed by the ink and therefore inhibit lump formation.

Special manufacturing processes impart hydrophobicity, or water-resistant properties into our powders, which makes them particularly suited for the finishing of dispersion varnish print jobs.

Thanks to DC DruckChemie powders, the absorptive capacities of the different substrates, the assignment of ink and the weight of the paper no longer play a key role – they work to completely resist setting off of the ink.