Waste Management

Certified waste disposal company

As a certified waste disposal company since 1998, DruckChemie is able to reassure that its transport vehicles and warehouses facilities are fully complaint with all legally prescribed controlling.

DC DruckChemie closes raw material cycles by taking back and recycling raw materials in reusable containers in an environmentally friendly manner. We contribute to the relief of the environment and offer you complete solutions in the field of disposal.

DC DruckChemie offers you competent help and answers to the ever increasing number of questions in this area. Our goal is the highest level of safety, reliability and service for our customers through professional and proper waste disposal.

DruckChemie helps you to set up a specific, optimal recycling concept.

What are the benefits to you:

  • We support you with the legal obligation to provide proof of disposal
  • Efficient disposal concepts
  • Systematic use of the options for voluntary withdrawal
  • Reduction of your own organizational and personnel expenses
  • Reduced costs due to smaller storage areas and quantities, because we are regularly on site
  • Comprehensive information through and through to waste advice
  • A contact person for product ordering and disposal
  • Less different types of waste
  • Reduced and optimized disposal costs