DC Service Tour and waste management

Our 360°solution includes the DC Service Tour with fully-integrated waste management. This means you receive our undivided attention, full customer support and help in protecting the environment.

DC Service Tour

Our network runs over 80 service vehicles offering extensive product knowledge and advice. In one site visit we can manage and replenish your stock and fully assist you with waste management. Our service drivers are available to remove residual and waste materials, as well as packaging.

This saves you time, money, and stress. Moreover, it protects the environment!


  • Our DC ServiceTour guarantees a personalised and customer-centric delivery concept
  • Our service team is available to advise and support you on any technical questions anytime
  • Delivery where and when you need it – directly to printing press or storage tanks
  • Our excellent coverage means we can get it to you quickly and efficiently.

Waste Management

Since 1998 we’ve been a certified waste disposal company. This fully-compliant service means we not only deliver quality printing chemicals and consumables, we also reuse packaging and process waste in a responsible and sustainable manner. Furthermore, we are always available to offer assistance regarding any queries.

Our goal:

The best possible level of safety, reliability and service for our customers through professional and effective waste disposal.


  • Our fleet of vehicles and warehouse facilities are fully compliant with the law.
  • We provide official proof of disposal
  • Our optimised disposal practices save you time and money
  • We are regularly on site to replenish products and solving your small storage requirements
  • We provide comprehensive waste advice
  • You’ll have access to a dedicated account manager for ordering, guidance and disposal


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