Developement Environment

Environmental protection as a top priority

By taking back and recycling residual materials, DruckChemie closes raw material cycles. We contribute to the relief of the environment and offer complete solutions in the field of disposal.

The responsible disposal of waste generated in printing plants and the necessary qualified advice for our customers is for DC DruckChemie just as natural as the application advice for our customers at the introduction of innovative and new products.

We offer you competent support and answers to the permanently growing number of questions in the field of environmentally compatible and professional disposal. In addition, DruckChemie will work with you to determine whether a further improvement in the environmental balance is possible.


  • We only use returnable containers and packaging
  • We reduce the fuel consumption and thus also the ecological damage by uniting an integrated supply with products, services and also the waste management in our unique servicetour
  • We recycle waste and used old materials


  • We concentrate on the development and production of ecological and economical products and solutions for the printing industry (e.g. VOC-free dampening solutions and detergents that are as water-based as possible and free of aromatic compounds)
  • We develop innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions to secure scarce resources (e.g. DC PaperSave)


  • Many of our products are examined and certified by Fogra, Isega and other institutions
  • Our products are listed by the leading printing press manufactures
  • Besides the ISO 9001 certification, DC DruckChemie is also a certified waste disposal company

The effect:

  • Our customers can concentrate on what they do best: printing
  • We manage the consumable supplies, fulfil all legal questions and help create a better future