Langley publishes 2014 results

Retford, 3 February 2015. Langley Holdings plc, the diverse engineering group, today published its IFRS Annual Report & Accounts for the year ended 31 December, 2014. The group reported a profit before tax of €100.6 million on revenues of €779.4 million.

Group Chairman Tony Langley said in his review of the business that the group's divisions had performed in line with or ahead of expectations and that 2014 had been another remarkably successful year.

Manroland Sheetfed, the printing press builder acquired in 2012, is the group's largest division in revenue and employee terms and reported a small profit. Piller, the producer of power protection systems for data centres and Claudius Peters, the plant machinery constructor, performed in line with expectations whilst the “other businesses” division, principally Bradman Lake, the packaging machinery specialist, also had a satisfactory year. ARO, the manufacturer of welding machinery for the automobile sector, experienced another successful year despite the expected downturn in demand which did not materialise in 2014.

In his concluding remarks Langley acknowledged the contribution made by the group's circa. 4,000 employees and welcomed around 300 employees of the newly acquired DruckChemie group to the family of businesses, saying that he is confident 2015 will be a successful year for the group. Download Langley Annual Report & Accounts 2014


Langley Holdings plc Langley Holdings plc is a diverse, privately owned engineering group based in the UK with principal operating divisions located in Germany, France and the UK and more than 80 subsidiaries worldwide. The group produces capital equipment ranging from electrical systems for data centres, machinery for cement plants, food packaging lines, automotive welding equipment and, most recently, the printing industry. The group was founded in 1975 and today employs 4,371 people worldwide.