Laundered Cloths

Wash cloths must deliver optimum cleaning results,while keeping washing agent consumption as
low as possible. DruckChemie dry wash cloths are designed to minimise downtime in order to
deliver significant cost and environmental benefits.Moreover, a complete range of pre-impregnated
wash cloths are also available.

  • Maximum homogeneity in fibre structure
  • Strengthened PET and cellulose fibres
  • Fibre structure aligned to running direction delivers greater strength and reduced occurrence of faults

Wash cloths for automatic washing equipment:

  • Mini rolls and jumbo rolls for automatic blanket washers
  • Mini rolls and jumbo rolls for impression cylinders

Print cloths for manual cleaning

DruckChemie offers a wide range of different cleaning cloths for daily print shop use.

  • Laundered print cloths service
  • Disposal rags of cloth, non-woven or paper