Sheetfed Washing Agents

Through regular laboratory testing, our washing agents are designed to meet the requirements of today’s machinery with their highly developed print applications and configurations.

Our detergents have a high dissolving power, as well as, all formulas for cleaning and maintaining blankets and rollers have undergone extensive testing. Proven to offer a high cleaning power and low consumption in daily printing. Extensive certifications by FOGRA and machine manufacturers guarantee perfect compatibility and excellent printing results.

Product NameFp °CVOC content in % EUEmulsionNBREPDMMixFograISEGAApplication
Elettra 1.26396%mediumxxmainly cloth
Eurostar 65/1.06399%strongxxxmainly brush
Eurostar 65/2.96398%mediumxmainly cloth
Eurostar 65/4.06396%mediumxxxmainly brush
Eurostar 65/5.06399%strongxxxmainly brush
Eurostar 65/5.16399%mediumxxxmainly cloth
Eurostar NV>1000%strongxxxbrush/cloth
Schnellreiniger 640>1000%strongxxbrush/cloth
Uniwash 4G6399%mediumxxxmainly brush
Uniwash 4G/4.06396%strongxxxfor Baldwin
Balkleen UV6397%not misciblex
Multi Clean UV6393%misciblexxxx
UV 1975100%misciblex
UV Multi 2.57590%misciblexxxx
Eurostar UV ECO>10030%misciblexxx
Eurostar UV Mix6372%strongxx
Durawash Mix 3.1980%mediumxxxx
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Anti-Set-Off Powders

Our Anti Set-Off powders are characterised by uniform particle sizes and spacing on the substrate. These properties ensure that the sheets are not laid down or folded in the delivery stack – therefore, laminating or varnishing the sheets presents no issue.


DC DruckChemie offers a variety of coatings and solutions for special customer requirements. As a certified waste disposal company, we are happy to take back your varnish/coating rinse water.

Cleaning Cloths

An optimal result with the lowest possible consumption of detergents is the main requirement for a wash cloth for automatic blanket washers. Our washing cloths are consistently designed and quality controlled to accelerate the printing process and minimise delays. DC DruckChemie offers a large selection of different cleaning cloths for everyday printing needs in all possible variants and colours.


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