Coldset Washing Agents

Through regular laboratory testing, our washing agents are designed to meet the requirements of today’s machinery with their highly developed print applications and configurations.

Our detergents have a high dissolving power, as well as, all formulas for cleaning and maintaining blankets and rollers have undergone extensive testing. Proven to offer a high cleaning power and low consumption in daily printing. Extensive certifications by FOGRA and machine manufacturers guarantee perfect compatibility and excellent printing results.

Product NameFp °CVOC content in % EUFilterableFogra
Eurostar 75 W7597%xx
Eurostar 100 W>1000%xx
Eurostar NV>1000%x
Newsclean 807599%x
Newsclean 100/1.0>1000%x
Rotationsreiniger Z6399%x
Walzenwaschmittel III63100%xx
Elettra NON VOC 2.0>1000%x
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