Printing Aids

DC DruckChemie offers a wide range of printing aids. Our products not only give your print the perfect look, but they can also increase your productivity by reducing downtimes.

From cleaning, drying additives, maintenance and repair products to sprays of various kinds, our range helps facilitate better print results.

Other products include rubber gloves, hand creams and sponges in all sizes and colours.

  • Colour Dissolver
  • Special Cleaner
  • Liquids or Sprays
  • Duct Foil
  • Plate Cleaner
  • Rubber Coating
  • Pastes for Protection and Deep Cleaning

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Sheetfed Fount Solutions

As a result of advancements in application technology, ever-faster equipment and alcohol-free printing – printing inks, printing plates and printing press types work seamlessly together to produce the best results.

Special Cleaners

As well as many other cleaning applications, DruckChemie offers innovative special cleaners to remove stubborn dirt in offset printing Different ink solvents, special dampening roller and plate cleaners and water-based cleaning agents are all available, as well as various products for the protection, cleaning and care of printing rollers.

Cleaning Cloths

An optimal result with the lowest possible consumption of detergents is the main requirement for a wash cloth for automatic blanket washers. Our washing cloths are consistently designed and quality controlled to accelerate the printing process and minimise delays. DC DruckChemie offers a large selection of different cleaning cloths for everyday printing needs in all possible variants and colours.


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