Sheetfed Fount Solutions

As a result of advancements in application technology, ever-faster equipment and alcohol-free printing – printing inks, printing plates and printing press types work seamlessly together to produce the best results.

In view of the large variety of print media, colours, and dampening unit types, an optimised fountain solution additive is crucial for a hassle-free process. Machine, ink, water, paper, temperature and the legal requirements have a great influence on printing processes and thus, on the dampening solution concentrate.

We provide every machine type and its associated dampening system with the ideal dampening solution. We strive to ensure quality standards are met, while minimising paper waste.

Our dampening solutions are certified and are available starting at 10 kg canisters, 200kg barrel, right through to 1,000 kg IBC.

We guarantee a consistent pH of the damping circulation, which assures:

  • no negative build-up of the colour on the non-printing areas of the printing area
  • minimal corrosion of plates, blankets and printing cylinders
  • no dot gain
  • optimised plate running
Product NameWater hardness (<12 °dH)VOC content in % EUCorrosion inhibitorReleaseDosage
Wassertop DH Plus KIx0.00%xx2-4%
Wassertop SF 3.0x0.00%xx2-4%
AlkoLess SF 2.60x8.00%xx2-4%
AlkoLess SF 475x15.00%xx
AlkoLess SF 4010x18.40%xx2-4%
AlkoLess SF 4011x18.30%xx
AlkoLess SF 4015x15.50%xx2-4%
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DC DruckChemie offers a variety of coatings and solutions for special customer requirements. As a certified waste disposal company, we are happy to take back your varnish/coating rinse water.

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