Flexographic Printing

We now provide our full service offer for flexo printers. We have the infrastructure to develop effective, environmentally friendly solvents and cleaning concepts for every print shop today. Our focus is on practical implementation, so we can maximise benefits for the printer.

This means:
  • We deliver every cleaning solution you need to your warehouse or your printing machine. We usually do it in deposit containers (depending on your requirements, in different packaging units), where the deposit is fully reimbursed upon return.
  • We can consult with you to provide the best solutions. Flexographic printing has overarching standards and often requires individual implementation, much more so in the case of cleaning products. Our professionally equipped laboratory often makes the seemingly impossible, possible.
  • Our truck drivers take care of your inventory at the print shop at regular intervals and automatically replenish your detergent requirements
  • If your machine components are optimally cleaned, the remains must be disposed of. DC DruckChemie is a certified waste disposal company and is happy to take care of the professional disposal of your waste.
  • We have the drive, the necessary experience and infrastructure to deal with your everyday needs. We take all your cleaning waste for recycling or professional recovery. Our truck drivers on the routine service tour load the relevant containers. Delivery and disposal take place at the same time.
Our cleaning in UV flexo, solvent flexo, water-based flexo printing portfolio:
  • Cliché cleaning agents also for cliché cleaning machines
  • Chamber squeegee cleaner
  • Cleaner for paint circulation systems
  • Anilox roller cleaner also for quick deep cleaning
  • Machine cleaner
  • Cleaner for parts’ cleaning systems
  • Cleaning and disposal of solvent paint residues
Detergent for flexographic printing

Regardless of the printing process, cleaning is a fundamental task that has a significant impact on the final quality of your print product.

All printers and packaging processors know that the best print is closely related to the condition of the press. In the pressroom, however, it might be challenging to focus on every little detail that differentiates mediocre from great work in day-to-day business.

In flexographic printing, the main cleaning tasks relate to the printing form (clichés, sleeves, cylinders), the inking unit (cylinders, immersion rollers, anilox rollers) as well as attachments and tools (ink tanks, squeegees, squeegee holders and chamber squeegees), plus cans and buckets. In addition, all surfaces of the machine that may come into contact with printing ink , varnish, glue and other materials will require cleaning.

For the manual and mechanical cleaning of these parts, DC DruckChemie offers an optimal range of products specially designed for flexographic printing. They meet the REACH requirements and are also VOC-free, if required. We have solutions for daily cleaning cycles, periodic applications and deep cleaning. Our laboratories have consistently developed them with regard to the performance in the pressroom and the safety of your employees in the industrial environment. Our specialty is to implement ideas and to work out your individual requirements for cleaning and disposal solutions.

scopeCleaning methoddosage
WaterSolvantUVplateanilox rollermachine partshand cleanerInline printing machinemanuel washstandWashing machine machine partsplate cleaning systemsheerdiluted
Daily cleaners
DC Flexo UniversalreinigerXXXXXXXXXXXhigh dose concentrate, Approved by Rossini for EVOLUTION SYSTEM
DC Flexo Universalreiniger-50XXXXXXXXXXXConcentrate, label free,, Approved by Rossini for EVOLUTION SYSTEM
DC Flexo Universalreiniger-10XXXXXXXXXXready for use, label free, Approved by Rossini for EVOLUTION SYSTEM
DC Flexo WB GREENXXXXXXXXXXready for use, label free
DC Flexo WB blueXXXXXXXXXXXConcentrate, Approved for Flexo Clean Baldwin Brush System
DC Flexo All InkXXXXXXXXXvery high cleaning power for all ink systems
DC Flexo SB 2.0XXXXXXXXvolatile VOC-reduced multi-purpose cleaner
DC Flexo SB 2.1XXXXXXXXvolatile multi-purpose cleaner
DC Flexo SB 2.21XXXXXXXXXVOC-reduced multi-purpose cleaner
DC Flexo SB 3.35XXXXXXXXXXXVOC-reduced universal cleaner, Approved by Rossini for EVOLUTION SYSTEM
DC Flexo SB 5.0XXXXXXXXXXVOC-free multi-purpose cleaner especially for solvent-based and UV inks
Gemisch DBEXXapproved by Rossini for EVOLUTION SYSTEM
Intensive cleaner
DC Flexo WB 1.3XXXXXXXXXXXXXwater-based universal cleaner deep clean
DC Flexo WB 1.7XXXXXXXXXXXXwater-based multi-purpose cleaner very intensive also for lacquers
Intensive hand cleaner
DC Flexo SWIFT WXXXXXDeep cleaner especially for watercolors
DC CLEAN 2020XXXXXXintensive basic cleaner, contact time 0.5-2 hours
DC Power Clean GelXXXXXXhighly effective basic cleaner, contact time up to 6h, with foil wrapping up to 48h
DC Flexo 2K Extra Strong CleanXXXXXXXXSpecial cleaner for 2-component inks. Reaction time depending on ink film thickness, anilox roller at least 4 hours. Rinse off best with high pressure, ink flakes off.
DC Flexo 2K Extra Strong Clean GelXXXXXXXX
DC Flexo WB Varnish CleanerXXXXXXXPrint varnish cleaner
Special applicationsX
DC Flexo WB 5.9XXXXXCleaner for sponge rollers in flexographic printing plate cleaning systems
DC Flexo WB 6.2XXXXXXXXUltrasonic cleaning system
DC Cleaner V 11988XXXXXXXXAnilox roller cleaner for automatic washing systems
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Raw and auxiliary materials
Ethanol (ATBII)
Natronlauge XX% (Mixture according to customer requirements)

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