Cleaning Rolls

An optimal washing result with the lowest possible consumption of detergents is the main requirement for a wash cloth for automatic blanket washers. The washing clothes of DC DruckChemie are consistently designed to accelerate the printing process and avoid downtime and at the same time offer economic and ecological advantages for the print shop. Continuous checks ensure the constant quality of our washing cloth.

The maximum homogeneity in the fibre structure, the strong consolidation of the PET and cellulose fibres and the fibre structure oriented in the machine's direction of rotation guarantee our customers extreme strength - and thus less susceptibility to faults during printing.

Special carding and calendaring methods enable the balanced structure of our washing cloth. This ensures the best cleaning of your machines and has maximum strength and tear resistance.

The wash cloth of DC DruckChemie also ensure optimal liquid absorption, so that our customers consume less cleaning agent with the same cleaning performance - this saves costs and is good for the environment.

Wash cloth for automatic washing systems:

  • Mini Rolls for blanket washers (for all common machine types)
    • Dry & remoistened wrap
  • Jumbo Rolls (500m) for blanket washers in all sizes
  • Mini Rolls for impression cylinders
  • Jumbo Rolls (500m) for impression cylinders